Americans can’t put down quality vape pens.

Sales of the small, battery-powered devices for aerosolizing THC oil shrugged off 2019’s vaping-associated pulmonary injuries (dubbed VAPI, or EVALI). Then vape sales weathered two waves of COVID-19 in 2020. This October, legal vape cartridge and pen sales are back to last year’s peaks, analysts report.

Popular to a fault

Vape cartridges are just too practical, it seems. The 10-year-old devices imported from the e-cigarette world solve cannabis’ two biggest problems: how to measure your dose, and avoid smelling like pot.

According to BDS analytics, THC vape cartridge sales peaked in the summer of 2019 before falling off in the face of VAPI. Quality control in the illicit THC vape market had gotten…

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