Veteran VR studio Coatsink, currently in development of Jurassic World Aftermath,  has been acquired for $30 million by game publisher Thunderful.

Coatsink is a British game studio and publisher founded in 2009. Though the studio doesn’t deal exclusively in VR games, about half of Coatsink’s work has been either fully self-developed VR titles or acting as a publisher on VR titles, most of which had the backing of Oculus Studios:

  • Esper (2015)
  • Esper 2 (2015) – Oculus Studios
  • Onward (2016)
  • A Night Sky (2017) – Oculus Studios
  • Augmented Empire (2017) – Oculus Studios
  • They Suspect Nothing (2018) – Oculus Studios
  • Shadow Point (2019) – Oculus Studios

The studio is currently in development of Jurassic World Aftermath which is set to launch this…

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