Virtuix has been around for just about as long as Oculus itself, with a 2013 Kickstarter for its landmark VR treadmill Virtuix Omni bringing in over $1 million from backers. Now the Texas-based company is back at it again with a new at-home VR treadmill it hopes to jumpstart with the help of a community-sourced investment, the Virtuix Omni One.

Omni One is a consumer version of the Omni that Virtuix says is optimized for home use, including a light frame, foldable body for easy storage, and a freedom of movement that boasts walking, running, crouching and jumping. All of this is done by moving your feet on a low-friction parabolic surface that requires special low-friction shoes.

In contrast to the company’s commercial Omni, which it sells to…

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