Here’s how it feels to travel to a new cannabis galaxy.

If you’re a space cadet in a state still under cannabis prohibition, it can be hard to get your hands on the euphoric and often healing effects of THC, its main psychoactive ingredient. But companies like MOONWLKR are entering a new frontier: Delta-8 THC.

What you probably think of when you hear “THC” is really delta-9 THC, a prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis. There are only trace amounts of it, if any, in hemp, the source of most over-the-counter or mail-order CBD. But with a little lab work, CBD can synthesize into delta-8, which is close enough to delta-9 to give you a similar liftoff. Many people describe the delta-8 THC experience as an in-between point between THC and CBD: Psychoactive,…

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