Since quarantine, I’ve been in and out of the “Ballpark of Fitness.” You know the ballpark — even the most conscientious of you have done time there. Close your eyes and pretend it’s 2020, on the edge of summer, when we thought the consequences of eating like life was a six-week BBQ could easily be addressed. I was way out in the Parking Lot of Fitness, heavier than I had been in five years.

But better nutrition — and having most places open back up — at least got me back into the building and 10 pounds off of my goal weight. The seats aren’t far from the field, and I’m dreaming myself into the field of play.

And these days, I hit the gym on Sunset Boulevard in LA with a small bottle of Care by Design’s full-spectrum CBD tincture — the peppermint 1:1 Max Drops. With 1,000…

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