Twice a month, American comedian, musician, writer, actor, activist, juggler, and publisher Ngaio Bealum—host of the Netflix show Cooking on High and trivia app Daily Bonfire—answers Leafly reader questions on cannabis, regarding personal use, family, community, state, and country. This week, what to do with Instagram dealers; and dank neighbors.


Dear, Ngaio,

So, I thought I found a weed plug on Instagram and I sent him some money. I never got any weed, and now I’m blocked. Advice?

—Brooke N. Burnt


Dear, Brooke N. Burnt,

Yes. I definitely have some advice: DON’T BUY WEED FROM STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET.

I can’t believe I have to say this. It should be obvious. Seriously. Buying weed from strangers is dodgy…

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