Charles Eddy Lepp, known fondly as Eddy, was a cannabis freedom fighter, advocate, and friend who passed away this Monday at the age of 69. Weedmaps’ Mary Schumacher remembers his life and legacy.

My life would be very different had I not known Eddy. We met in late 2004 at an Oregon NORML conference. Eddy and Jack Herer, whom I had met on other occasions as a cannabis hero, were best friends and traveling together. I interviewed them for my first cannabis-themed article, published in High Times. Jack had suffered a stroke years back and needed assistance with various things to do with mobility and writing, and by the end of the conference, I had made myself available to Jack’s every need.

Eddy, observant as he was, took a sharpie and one of his 40-acre cannabis farm posters…

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