And we’re back with more Strain Madness!

That’s right, we’re rounding up 32 of the most popular strains and putting them into head-to-head matchups to determine which strain will take it all in 2021. Get ready for high-seeded favorites and underdog strains competing in huge blowouts or nail-biting finishes. 

Last year, we kicked off our bracket just as the sports world was shutting down and OG Kush took home the championship trophy. This year, some of the same heavyweights are back (Blue Dream, Gelato, GSC) mixing it up with classics (Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Bubba Kush) and up-and-comers (Pink Rozay, Mimosa, Wifi Cake). 

So lock in your favorites and fill out your bracket:

How it works:  

  • Strains will be pitted up against each other in matchups…

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