In the world of modern day hybrids and hyped up flavors, it’s so hard to find authentic strains from way back in the day. One of the hardest strains to find is authentic Chemdog. You can find GMO, you can find Motorbreath, you can find strains that derive from Chemdog, but that authentic Chem D, Chem 4, and so on from the ’90s? Rare. Damn near impossible. 

Luckily, Greg Krzanowski, the man known as “Chemdog” himself, has finally entered the legal market after 33 years of growing cannabis behind the scenes, and along with him is every single cut of the Chemdog strain that he’s perfected along the way.

Who and what is Chemdog? 

Krzanowski is an absolute legend in the cannabis game. You know him as Chemdog, the man responsible for finding, growing and naming one the most…

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