California’s crowds of fashion-forward OG Kush lovers will only need a tiny nug of multi-platinum rapper Wiz Khalifa’s designer indica hybrid “Khalifa Kush” to be nodding their heads in approval, humming, ‘so what we get druuunk, so what we smoke weeed.’

Launched in the legal market on January 28 exclusively at Cookies retail locations—KK is small-batch, indoor excellence at top-shelf prices. The $50 eighth flowers and pre-rolls will draw haters by nature, but Wiz stays untouchable. His signature heavy-hitter OG speaks for itself, but here’s a fair warning for the hard heads: This one-hitter-quitter packs enough punch to put any heavyweight down for the count.

A fat green icy and orange Khalifa Kush nug in 2022. (David Downs/Leafly)
Khalifa Kush 2022 slaps. (David Downs/Leafly)

Khalifa Kush flower review


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